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Beale Brown 1720s Bertie County

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I know very little about this guy… just wetting a finger and holding it up to see if any wind is blowing.

A couple of deeds reference him as “adjoining” land near Meherrin River. Not sure where.  Other deeds reference Ahoskey Swamp… which is south of there near Wiccacon Creek area.

Now for some of my rocket genealogy… 3 generations are shown in these references… so he was not a young pup in 1720.

His father was one William Brown (who dies before 1719).  Also in 1719 a son of Beale Brown named William is mentioned.  (three generations… and the son William appears to be of age).

Chowan Co, NC Deed Book F #1 pg 123 Edward Howcott of Chowan Prect and Tamar his wife to John Parry of the upper Parish of Nansemond in Va. 17 Apr 1721 50£ sterling money of Great Britain 250 acres on Wicacon pocosin joining the Pequosen and is the land formerely surveyed for George Gladstaine and by him assigned to William Browne and the sd. Browne dying, the sd. Land descended to his son Beale Browne and the sd. Beale assigned to the above sd. Howcott. Wit: Thomas Spires, Abraham Hill. Reg. Chowan Ct. Apr. 1721. Test: Thomas Henman, Clerk. M M Hofmann’s abstract

Bertie Co, NC Deed Book B pg 166 Beale Brown & wife Sarah to James Howard 13 May 1726 100£ for 450 A. known by name “Little Ahoskey.” Adj. John Perry on Ahosky Marsh. By patent dated 18 Oct 1721 to William Brown; now held by his son, Beale Brown. Wit: John Dickenson, James Holland, Rd. Horsley/ August Ct. 1726. Bell’s abstract

Bertie Co, NC Deed Book B pg 169 Beale Brown & wife Sarah to James Howard 12 May 1726 5 sh. For 450 A. lease for land known as “Little Ahosky” Adj. John Perry on Ahosky Marsh. By patent dated 18 Oct 1721 to William Brown; now held by his son, Beale Brown. “- – -and paying thereof the rent of one pepper corn on the last day of the said term – – -” Wit: John Dickenson, James Holland, Rd. Horsley/ August Ct. 1726. Bell’s abstract

Per Hathaway… William Sr was dead prior to 1719… son Beale Brown apparently swaps some land near Ahoskey Swamp with Edward Howcott… (same day; same witnesses)

Beale A. Brown, to Edward Howcott.  200 acres north side Ahotakey Swamp; Oct 17, 1719.  Test, John Hardy, Rebecca Hardy

 Edward Howcott to Beale Brown.  640 acres at Melton’s cabin; Oct 17, 1719.  Test, John Hardy, Rebecca Hardy.

And here is the grandson in a will…

Benjamin Ricks will      Chowan County

March 31,1719. November 30,1721. Brothers: James, Robert, Abraham and Isaac Ricks. Nephew: Robert Ricks, Jr. (land on Notaway River). Sister: Jane Ricks. Other legatees: Patience Ricks (niece) and William Brown, son of Beale Brown. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: Bridget Rogers, Mary Rogers, John Phipps. Proven before C. Eden, Governor.

“Item- I give and bequeath unto William Brown the son of Beale Brown two cows and two calvs and one feather bed and _____ and the plantation wherein I now dwell to the said William Brown and his heirs lawfully begotten or to be begotten by the sd William Brown and for want of such issue then the said plantation to go to Patiance Ricks daughter of the said Abraham Ricks her heirs and assigns for ever after the decease of my loveing wife Sarah Ricks”  (from will  online at NC Archives)

Does that mean this William Brown married the niece Patience Ricks?

Caution- (brazen, wild speculation)… Beale’s wife was named Sarah (per a deed reference)… Rick’s wife was also a Sarah.  Could Beale’s wife be a Ricks?  Could this William be a young lad and grandpa is just setting him up?

In any event if this son is of marrying age, say 20, then Beale Brown is likely born by 1680 or earlier… his father William by 1660?

My interest is to separate this Brown clan from the John Browne 1639-1713? that I chronicle.  I don’t see an obvious connection and I have another William Brown I attempt to connect as a son… so this Beale Brown simply doesn’t fit.

This map shows “roughly” where the original Beale Brown property was (middle of map)… my hunch is he settled around Kirby’s Creek and the Meherrin River to the north of Ahoskey Creek.  Perhaps Benjamin Ricks was also in that area?

This mention in NC Archives… no further info…

File No. 133, Beal Brown

Office of Secretary of State

230 acres, Book 3, Nov 7, 1723

S.E. side of a branch of Horse pasture creek


This tidbit from the Colonial Records adds some weight to the area of Meherrin River… the Meherrin Indians were in the area of where the bend of the river turns to flow into the Chowan… Beale must have been fairly near for this to take place:

At a Council held at the Council Chamber in Edenton the 3d day of August Anno Dom 1726

Read the Petition of the Meherron Indians Complaining against divers of the Inhabitants of this Government for molesting them in their settlements and taking up their Lands And at the same time was Read also the Petition of Beal Browne Edwd Powers in behalf of themselves and others living near the said Indians for molesting them

Ordered That the Parties on each side Do attend this Board at their Sitting in October next And that in the mean time Neither of the sd Parties give one another any Disturbance in their Settlements.


I found a mention at

Edgecombe County Probate Records, Estates 1730-1747 page 11

Estate of James Millikin dec’d… no date…1737?

List of debtors

“Beall Brown for L 14 Bills Do. for 1000lb pork”

James Millikin was a merchant and Indian Trader who lived near the modern town of Halifax… he died around 1737.

If Beale Brown did not have a son by the same name then by 1747 he was in Edgecombe County…  if he was born ca. 1680, then he would be pushing 70 years old…

1747 – May 22, Robert Hilliard and wife Elizabeth of Edgecombe to
Nathaniel Edwards of same, £60, 300 acres on N side Fishing Creek,
joining Henry West, Beal Brown and the creek, part of 640 acre grant
to Henry West 17 Oct 1735. Wit Thomas Turner, Stephen Weaver, Walter
McFarlen. Recd May 1747. (Edg 81=3-84 – Daniel Website)

Brown is mentioned in several later deeds but my hunch is it is only references to his property… such as this in 1764:

Hal 814=8-408 Nimrod Ferguson and wf Rebeckah (x) of Hal to Thomas Meggs of Brunswick VA 14 Mar 1764, £100, 300a part of 540 pat to Henry West 17 Oct 1735, jng Fishing Ck, Harry West, Beal Brown. 430a jng Ferguson’s own corner, John Hardy, David Ward. wit Jos Eelbeck, Burwell Lamm(?). wf relinq 14 Mar 1764

Hal 1581=11-192 Thos Meggs and wf Catharine (x) to Egbert Haywood of same 7 May 1770, £130, 630a jng Fishing Ck, Henry West, Beal Brown, John Hardy, David Ward, Silvanus Stanton. wit James Auld, John Auld, Mial Scurlock. wf relinq, exam by Saml Weldon Esq. recd Nov 1770.

Of course I do not know if he had a son by the same name?   His son William, in my eyes, is still mixed in the soup of Browns of Colonial eastern NC.

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  1. My first thought was that Patience Ricks is the wife of Wm. Browne, son of Beale. Either that or she is his only sister, who married a Ricks. I can’t imagine leaving that to anyone else.



    August 1, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    • That “Ricks” connection may provide some clues…I just today pulled up the will and noticed the detail of the son William.

      It seems that Benjamin Ricks may have been in the area of Kirby’s Creek and south of the Meherrin River… this is from a 1724 record:

      North Carolina—ss.
      At a Council held at Edenton April the 9th Anno Dom 1724

      The Honoble George Burrington Esqr Govr
      Chris. Gale Esqr Membr of Council
      J Lovick Esqr Membr of Council
      Ed Moseley Esqr Membr of Council
      Fran Foster Esqr Membr of Council
      John Blount Esqr Membr of Council
      Thos Pollock Esqr Membr of Council
      Thos Harvey Esqr Membr of Council
      Arth Goffe Esqr Membr of Council
      Read the Petition of William Ricks shewing that in March in the year 1720 Esther Kirby obtained a patent for Six hundred and forty acres of Land lying in Bertie precinct which Land not being seated according to Law prays a Lapse patent for the same &c which is granted &

      Ordered That the Secty Issue a patent for the said Land in the said Ricks’s name

      Read the petition of William Ricks shewing Benjamin Ricks in March 1720 obtained a patent for 640 Acres lying in Bertie precinct on the South side of Meherine which is not Cultivated as the Law directs therefore prays a Lapse patent for the same &c

      Ordered That a patent Issue as prayed for

      Read the Petition of Esther Ricks Shewing that Esther Kirby by patent date in March 1721 obtained a patent for 640 Acres which Land not being Cultivated as the Law directs praying a Lapse patent for the sd Land

      My hunch is that Beale Brown was in that area from other deed references… so the land around Ahoskey Creek may not be where he lived?



      August 1, 2013 at 5:59 pm

      • It seems there were two Esther Kirby’s that received patents for 640 acres in Chowan precinct: 1) Esther Kirby Senr ” a tract of land containing 640 acres lying in Chowan precinct on ye So. side of Meherine beginning at a white oak Henry Weeler’s (Wheeler’s?) corner tree…” no date listed and 2) Esther Kirby Junr “a tract of land containing 640 acres lying in Chowan precinct on ye So. side of Meherine beginning at a pine Esther Kirby’s Senr corner tree…” dated March 1, 1719/20. Esther Kirby Senr might have been the widow of Thomas Kirby of Chowan precinct (will dated May 7, 1718; proved June 16, 1719) and Esther Junr his daughter who perhaps married William Ricks?


        John F. Speight

        July 18, 2016 at 6:27 pm

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