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I read a little blurb online that Hugh B. Johnston wrote years ago wherein he stated the Godwin, Pitt, Bridger, Norsworthy and other lines were so intermarried that if you descend from one, you may as well descend from all… or something to that effect.  After a short time of studying some of these folks I have to wholeheartedly agree to the point almost of exasperation.  I say “almost” because I have found such a wonderful source of juicy lawsuits that… the more I read the more I discover…

As genealogy goes… there are probably tens of thousands of descendants scattered across our country.  I have a Page and a couple Posts discussing these folks but that merely scratched the surface.  I think the Chancery Records of Isle of Wight offer the key to finding these scattered sons and daughters who left IOW…

Don’t over think this link… ignore the Plaintiff/Defendant mumbo jumbo… just pick the County… Isle of Wight (or whichever) and add your search name simply as a Surname at the bottom.. hit Search…

And don’t miss  … some good folks from the Brantley researchers have been busily photographing the IOW records and sending the results to Familysearch… the amount of data is incredible…

An impressive compilation of notes from the 1930s and 40s can be found here:

Daughters of the American Revolution. Rebecca Boyce Chapter (Waxahachie, Tex.). Texas Genealogical Records, Ellis County, Volume 5, 1450-1955, Book, 1955

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