Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

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To Dr. Cary Anderson…

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As one olde phart researcher to another, realizing that with each passing moment that little tidbit of a deed reference-  a long forgotten chain carrier- a drunken neighbor- bastard sons- harlots- you know… all the usual suspects… we each want to know who the culprits were that fathered our greatish grandpappys…

C’mon Ladies… you all know you were just “relicts” in the REAL scheme of things….

I’ve been spending my spare time lately delving into some utterly unrelated folks in Isle of Wight county Virginia and have seriously neglected our ANDERSON line… my buddy Floyd Anderson who lives near me here in Florida has graciously bantered about a bit about this and that but I can tell he is perturbed…

So… with that in mind I would appreciate you checking out the Civil Court records of Nash County, NC…. I have been utterly amazed at the information I have found in similar records of Virginia… It seems our ancestors were inclined to sue the hell out of each other at the merest of provocations… hence that little “tidbit” we are looking for…

I mean, hell, its only a few thousand pages….

I still have a day job you know… smiling…


For any of you younge pharts getting into this genealogy stuff… Dr. Cary wrote a book in the 60’s or 70’s… you know … a long time ago… I ran across a reference to that book and absolutely had to have it.. I tracked it down to some obscure library in Wisconsin (I think) and a kind old lady sent me a hand printed photostat of the several pages that I requested… and now we are discussing some ancient history… deal with it… (a “photostat” was a kind of early iPhone picture… you know?)

Oh… as an afterthought… I just can’t shake it out of my mind that there is a STURDIVANT connection to your ANDERSON gal… I “think” (can’t prove) that any proof that may show up will go back to Prince George County in Virginia. Or to put it crudely (which is what I do) … I think she got knocked up in Virginia and the poor bastard died… the question is “what would motivate her to move to NC in 1745 or so”… the Sturdivants were Indian traders. Its what they DID.

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January 12, 2014 at 11:24 am

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  1. I just saw this today, 24 February 2017. I do very little research now. I have a serious problem with balance.
    Afraid MR.Gout is taking over. That book was my first try at tracing ancestors. In 1960 a lot of folks still
    knew quiet a bit in memory, Sorry I didn’t know the importance of documenting sources

    I’m sitting around looking at all the file cabinets, books shelves, closets, etc full of files. Most are in some form of order. I have given all the books I had that the local library didn’t have. Now, I can at least get safely
    to my computer. Think a big dump truck will be needed.

    Since I found this material, I assume any one can also find it.

    I do enjoy every tidbit you post. It whets my brain to look once again at some sources I can access.

    Work is the curse of not only the drinking class, but the genealogists!


    Cary Anderosn

    February 24, 2017 at 11:42 am

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