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So I’m working on a new improved map of the Swift Creek area of Edgecombe county. I’m working along some grants on the White Oak Creek area and two strange mentions show up on a patent for Joseph Wall and one James Wall… I haven’t reached a “ready for prime-time moment” yet to publish the map.

The Wall patents are towards the top… note the rather unususal mention (noted in the actual grants which I diligently reproduce damn near verbatim) “the plantation Thomas Hicks now lives”. Note also that Mr. Thomas Hicks also has a patent an arrow shot away to the south… whereupon Mr. Hick sold some property in 1746 to one John Pitman.

I speculate about such on an earlier post here:

The lovely and gracious Traci the Librarian even ventured into the quagmire of speculation and offered some comments… we were however, left stumped and dumbfounded once again and we ventured on to other things.

C’mon man! as that clown in Washington is now so fond of saying… This is some really heady stuff here when you can actually speculate that the quiet and well-mannered folk of 1740s Edgecombe county had a freaking NOTORIOUS Indian Trader in their midst.

Communal head-scratching and general lamentations of disgust for the trade are not only allowed but encouraged in the comments.

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December 10, 2020 at 4:30 am

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  1. Course’… I did not mean to suggest this would be simple…



    December 10, 2020 at 4:52 am

  2. Don’t know much about James or Joseph WALL, but I decend from John WALL ( 1710-1778) from Edgecombe through his daughter Elizabeth who is believed to have married Archelaus WEEKS around 1790. Their daughter Tamsey Ann Elizabeth Weeks married David Faithful and had a daughter Harriett who married Micajah Anderson.


    Cheryl Jones

    December 10, 2020 at 9:48 am

    • Hi Cheryl
      Do you think you link to any original Jones property in that White Oak Creek area? I’m working on that map and will pay special attention to any Jones land… I know I have seen some grants…
      This was “roughly” the area of Micajah Anderson.

      These are all in Edge (including the bigger Edge, prior to 1741)

      Jones, Abraham 2 grants; 754 acres, 1753-1757
      Jones, Charles 1 grant; 242 acres, 1762
      Jones, Edward 15 grants; 4580 acres, 1730-1745
      Jones, Elizabeth 1 grant; 596 acres, 1761
      Jones, Francis 5 grants; 1977 acres, 1748-1753
      Jones, Henry 5 grants; 2200 acres, 1742
      Jones, James 4 grants; 1666 acres, 1743-1756
      Jones, John 5 grants; 1360 acres, 1754-1789
      Jones, John, Sr. 1 grant; 260 acres, 1784
      Jones, Matthew 1 grant; 283 acres, 1753
      Jones, Richard 2 grants; 800 acres, 1744
      Jones, Samuel 1 grant; 450 acres, 1753
      Jones, Wallace 1 grant; 350 acres
      Jones, Wallis 2 grants; 1280 acres, 1740
      Jones, William 4 grants; 1360 acres, 1740-1754



      December 10, 2020 at 10:22 am

  3. I’m so close John Stallings Sr and Jr

    John Stallings (Sr.) c.1733 – 1783
    Born possibly in Chowan Co… or Edgecombe
    lived in Edgecombe Co.
    Father Gregory Stallings Sr. ? mother.

    HAVE :
    Land record (sale) John Stallings and Judith Stallins of Edge. Co. to Thomas Price… 26 Jan 1755 …on North side of Tar River and the north side of Fallings run as by patent 5 May 1742…reg in Edge. Co. Feb.Ct. 1755.

    John Stallings’ will written 31 Dec 1779 probate 1780.
    Names: wife Juda, sons Jeme (James), John, Willis & Simon.

    NC Revolutionary Army accounts Vol X Bk 19 Pt VIII – names John Stallings. Certificates paid by W. Skinner Treas. Edenton Dist. (Skinner was in this position between 1777 – 1779. No dates can be found for this in the book!)

    Service : Extracts from “Colonial Soldiers of the South (1732 – 1774)” M J Clark John Stallings listed as soldier – 1750’s Muster Roll of Edgecombe Co Militia, NC. Captain Jacobe Whitehead’s Co.

    Land ownership: Lord Granville to: John Stallings 27 Apr 1753 180 A in Edgecombe Co on both sides of Beach (Beech) Run surveyed 4 Apr 1752.

    1)Proof of birth John Sr., (son of Gregory Sr. possibly in Chowan Co)
    2)Date for marriage to “Juda”
    3)Was John Sr. in Rev War? Was it John Jr.? Were both of them in Rev War?
    4)Any information on wife Judith? “Juda”

    John Stallings (Jr.) c.1757 – p. 3 Nov 1786
    Probably born in Edgecombe Co
    lived in Edgecombe Co.
    Father John Stallings Sr. mother: Judith “Jude”

    Probate: NC Wills and Probate Records 1665 – 1998. February Term 1800 Edgecombe Co. John Stallings died intestate some time in 1786… request filed by son Mathew for land for himself and his infant brother William under the age of twenty one…heirs of John Stallings the father.

    NC Probate Records 1735 – 1970
    Inventory of the Estate of John Stallings dec. adm 3rd Nov. 1786. Brother James estate administrator.

    NC Probate Records 1735 – 1970
    Will of William Anderson names daughter Martha Stallings, wife of John Stallings dec. (John was married to Martha Stallings before 20 November 1789 and died before that date – date William Anderson wrote his will).

    Early NC Marriages showing Wm Anderson married Mourning Price (Martha’s parents) on 21 Jul 1763 Edgecombe Co).

    NC Land Grant: Edgecombe Co. Issued 28 Oct 1782; Entered 20 Nov 1780. John Stallings land on Beach Swamp.

    NC Revolutionary War Pay Vouchers 1779 – 1782. “No. 2650 Edenton District John Stallings’ claim twelve shillings….by report of the Board of Audition dated this …. 1783”

    1)Proof of birth (probably in Edgecombe Co) for John Jr.
    2)Birth of Martha Anderson. (Believed to have remarried Hardy Wiggins and probably died in Burke Co c 1800. Can not find proof.)
    3)Marriage to John date?



    December 10, 2020 at 11:04 am

  4. Thank you for sharing this.

    Arthur Phillips was the son of John Philips (d.abt Jan 1759 Surry CO, VA probate filed) +Martha Crafford; all are ancestors of my husband (an Anderson who is a descendant of John Anderson d.1758 Pr. William CO, VA)
    I am a descendant of William Anderson (d.abt May 1790 Edgecombe CO, NC probate filed) by his daughter Martha Anderson who +John Stallings, and why I follow ‘The Andersons of Colonial N Carolina’

    In the attempt to ‘sort out’ the various Phillips families (so many confuse them), I began a project that included researching many of the early deed records registered in the Surry CO VA (area). This particular project enabled us to document and correct the earlier published genealogies.
    Whilst researching my husband’s Phillips line I learned that each of our ancestors (& their extended families) were neighbors and obviously knew each other as they are mentioned in several records together.

    Thank you for sharing your research!


    Debbie Anderson

    December 10, 2020 at 11:27 am

  5. I just found a clue possibly about this Thomas Hicks… it also involves a John “Walls” ???

    Indenture made the 25th day of January, 1745, between Thomas HICKS of North Carolina, and Nathaniel EDWARDS of Brunswick County, Virginia, for 40 pounds, conveying 250 acres on North side of Maherrin River and is the lower part of a tract of land containing 500 acres whereon Daniel HICKS, late of Brunswick County, at the time of his death did dwell and by his Last Will and Testament dated December 17, 1734, the said Daniel HICKS devised the land to Thomas HICKS. Witnesses were John WALLS, Jr., George HICKS, James HICKS, Jr., John IRBY, Jr., Henry BEDDINGFIELD and Francis PRICE. Acknowledged in Court on February 6, 1745. Deed Book 3, page 141.
    Indenture made the 4th day of January, 1745, between Thomas HICKS, nephew and heir at law of Charles HIX, late of Brunswick County, deceased, and James HIX and John DAVIS, Jr., for 10 pounds, conveying 261 acres on South side of Hall’s Branch, granted to John BISHOP by Letters of Patent bearing date March 15, 1741, and conveyed to the said Charles HIX, who died without issue and intestate. Witnesses were Walter CAMPBELL, Robert CAMPBELL, John BURCH and Moses DUNKLEY. Acknowledged in Court on February 6, 1745. Deed Book 3, page 146.



    December 10, 2020 at 12:00 pm

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