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some answers to Jennifer concerning the Boons

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If it’s not too much to ask, I would like to know if I am interpreting some of the provided info correctly.

1) Mathew STRICKLAND (of the 1803-acre land grant) wife is Elizabeth. And he appears to have settled in IOW about 1678.

Yes, her maiden name unknown… his death date is about 1697 or so…

Matthew STRICKLAND, of will date 14 July 1730, probated 25 Oct 1730, IOW.
His wife, Anne Brasswell.

Yes, there was a Braswell property within easy walking distance of where Thomas Boon lived on the Strickland property in IOW. (see map below)

1714, Mathew Strickland and wife Anne (Brasswell), sell part of his father’s, Mathew Strickland, land grant of 1803-acres.

2) Theory
4-5 Boon Brother’s and, Nich Boon from 1667 IOW is a possible father.
“Is it possible Thomas is a son of Nicholas Boon of IOW.” {IS Nich and Nicholas interchangeable?}

This is interesting because I had not entertained the idea of the 1667 Nich and Nicholas being different men. I cannot even hazard a guess. Forrest King in his research found a reference to Nich Boon signing a petition after Bacon’s Rebellion if I recall correctly. So from 1667 to 1676 is a decade which seemingly has this Nich Boon in IOW… these scanty records cannot even support a credible theory that I can detect… other than offer a possibility that he could have sired a family of sons. So in my mind it is clearly possible that Thomas Boon could be a son and have numerous brothers by Nich Boon the elder.

The other plausible theory, again in my opinion, is that Thomas Boon (son in law of Strickland) may have sired a family of sons who all wind up in North Carolina (excepting what appears to be his youngest son who remained on the IOW property left to him by his father Thomas).

… a link to the research of Forrest King…

Thomas BOON is the son-in-law of Mathew Strickland.
William Boon is the son of Thomas Boon.
Earliest record for William Boon is 1712 and he was the first of the Boons to show up in NC.
The wife of William Boon is Elizabeth.

Yes, I have found only one direct reference to William Boon in Isle of Wight… he is a witness to a 1731 deed of Phillip Pearce (of Bartee Precinct in North Carolina). This is interesting because the Phillip Pearce hails from property very close to The Thomas Boon property in IOW. If William Boon and this Phillip Pearce are second generation sons who knew each other growing up then that could explain why Boon is acting as a witness in this land transaction. It may be that this document was accomplished in NC and Boon did not even travel to IOW… this could merely have been re-copied to the Virginia court?

Joseph Boon, d. 1728, is the father of James Boon.
Joseph Boon, appears to be the brother of Thomas Boon of IOW, who married daughter of Matthew Strickland.
Thomas Boon and FNU Strickland, had a son Ratliff Boon.

Yes, I show elsewhere on my sight an image of Thomas Boon’s signature “mark” and it is the capital T with a smaller “B” scribbled onto the capital T. I think this is the older “Virginia” Thomas. He witnessed Joseph Boon’s will in 1728. But therein causes me to pause… is this father of such superior genetic substance that he is outliving his sons? Possible but not probable. He could however, easily be a brother.

Thomas Boon, who married the daughter of Matthew Strickland, starts buying property, about 1705, and moving towards NC with son’s (in tow) William, Nicholas, Joseph and Thomas, Jr.

Such is my theory… i am not “sold” on the idea… but I have found that theories keep the discussion flowing.

3) Carolus ANDERSON
His mothers will of 1732, was witnessed by Elias Fort.
His wife is named Mary and “thinks” she is a Boon.
Theory: Thomas Boon of VA, that married daughter of FNU Strickland, settled next to Carolus Anderson in 1724 on Meherrin River.

Yes. Note the name ANDERSON in the map above… my theory is that Carolus was the son of that George Anderson and Carolus may have grown up next to William Boon.

Thank you,


There are some researchers who have stated that a Nich or Nickolas/Nicholus Boon 1660s from Isle of Wight was some sort of mariner or sea captain that hailed from Dutch waters. He was evidently so busy sailing to and fro’ he did not have time to leave any records in IOW. They state they have found Dutch records to substantiate the claims but can’t find the time to share their sources. I would like to see some proof…otherwise I call it bullsh*t.


footnote to comment by Jennifer

Note on part of Byrd’s survey at Meherrin River

On the humorous side… folks trip and stumble all over themselves when they see the term “Country Line” on the deed references to the VA and NC boundary line. Rest assured that that is exactly what they meant. Thomas Jefferson referred to Virginia as “his Country”… likewise with Robert E. (Bobby) Lee. So I just snicker when I correct people when they change the wording to County instead of Country. Silly people.

An aside…

… a note to Jennifer… you might be interested in the Thornton reference contained herein. It seems Katherine Bathe of Isle of Wight was widow to a Thornton. (all messy and complicated stuff). She also widowed a Whitehead and raised one of the multitudinous Arthur Whiteheads. It seems the Whiteheads et al, were friends neighbors and more than likely intermarried with the Boons. (It seems they go way back to the William Strickland property near Horse Swamp in Isle of Wight).

I’m thinkin’ one of the Whitheads wound up near the Boons fairly close to the Meherrin River… I will try to map it out when I get a chance… we have also discovered the Thornton property just south of the Meherrin River near the Virginia line.

see this reference… still working notes…gathering my thoughts…

see here also:

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  1. 1667-1689, a span of 22 years for (and/or) Nic°, Nich, Nicholas Boon/Boone.

    • 1667 IOW, Nic° Boon (not Nich)
    8th of (Feb) 1667, recorded 10th (Feb) 67; I Wm Ruffin impower my son Robert Ruffin…nic° Boon in an action of debt.

    • Nich (NB) Boone, signed petition of clemency in IOW 1676.

    • July the 22nd 1689 (NOT 1684), An Appraisement of the Estate of Thomas Pitt.
    o Pg. 296, A list of Bills due to Pitts Estate; Nicholas Boone, in Tobacco – 058.

    • Several paragraphs above Bills Due.
    The one half of the sloop Martha with hir sail and riggin…belonging to (Capt?) William _ and Thomas Pitt. appraised at) 7000.
    (IOW Will and Deed book 2, 1661-1719, book 2/pgs. 295-296; FHL 007645159, image 145/605.)
    {made me think of Nicholas and the unsubstantiated Sea-captain}.

    At the least, the correction of the date (1684 vs 1689), may be of interest.


    Jennifer Thornton

    September 7, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    • Ole Nick is beginning to irritate me…
      He just seems to “lurk” around in the shadows… sort of like a drunken swabby that hires out once in a while for a trip to England but he never sobers up enough to cash in any headrights to get his own land. Or has any land himself for that matter. Not much of a theory there for a captain… drunk or sober. Not one single Boon in early Virginia or NC offers any hint of a naval interest… other than the fact that they had a ferry crossing the Meherrin River. Big Deal.

      Nice detective work by the way… good to get the haystack needles out in the open and shine some light on them…

      I’m looking to figure out who was the first Virginia Boon to cross the line into North Carolina. It is total Bull Hockey that a Thomas Boon was in NC in 1668. (I have the deed and the proof somewhere in my notes on this site… do a search)

      I’m thinkin’ the first Boon to step over the NC line was William Boon. Whether he was a son or brother to Thomas Boon, son in law of Strickland, is one of my questions. To that end I am mapping the Boons around the Meherrin River… I’m a workin’ on it…

      Oh… and the James Boon that leaves records and has property over on the Chowan River seems to be unrelated to the Meherrin River Boons. My theory is that “that” James Boon was from South Carolina. Any info to the contrary would be welcome to the discussion.



      September 8, 2021 at 1:27 am

      • As you have previously questioned, all these people seemly move together, and being that the Thornton name is my target (don’t raise your eye-brows, I’m not breaking the Grandma rule), I take an active interest in all that you think and do regarding persons mentioned (including Gumbo).

        Question: is the below Tho. THORNTON on the VA or NC side? ( I made an attempt to figure it out, using your mapping but I don’t speak the language adequately).

        Regarding “pervert William Byrd II surveyed the boundary in 1728”
        The Colonial records of North Carolina published … by order of the General Assembly)
        Vol. 2, begins at pg. 799, A Journal or Field Book of the Proceedings of the Surveyors Appointed for Determining the Bound between the Colonies of Virginia and Carolina.
        March the 5th 1727/8.

        Pg. 808
        At 15 chains from the west side of Meherrin Carolus ANDERSON’s bore S. 1 chain.
        At 33 chains – To the river again.
        To find its breadth S. 37 W. 172 links Then the Line Tree on the west side of the river bore N. 46 W. The breadth is 260 links.
        From this Line Tree 35 chains and Tho: PITMAN’s bore north 1/8 of a mile.
        At 139 chains and 50 links is a path leading to Wm KINCHENs which crossed the line.
        From this Place it is S. 20° E. to the river, which is distant a mile.
        At D° Tho. THORNTON’s bore S. 9 W. distant ½ mile.



        September 8, 2021 at 10:41 am

  2. Is there a Francis Thornton associated with your guy?



    September 8, 2021 at 11:08 am

    • In terms of DNA, not of the Francis, William of Petco/Petsoe Parish of Gloucester County, Luke, Mark nor Samuel. My alleged line is the NC “Quaker” Thorntons, chronicled/published by Kenneth Jacob Thornton (dec’d) and from Forrest King where he “lets say” ties in the Boykins and Stricklands to the Thorntons of IOW.

      None of the aforementioned lines have claimed the John Thornton of IOW (as found on your map) and so it has become my quest.

      i do have an Anderson though, Walter. Caroline County, Virginia, 12 Sep 1771, A deed indenture from Walter Anderson and Tabitha (Long) his wife. Removed to Abbeville SC before 1790.

      Very kind of you to ask!



      September 8, 2021 at 2:20 pm

      • I’ve added a couple footnotes … seems a Thomas Thornton bought the patent of William Bennet in 1724. It also looks like Thomas Boon bought a piece of another of Bennet’s patents (the 600 ac of 1723). Looks like your Thornton was in the thick of things… do you have a clue on his wife?

        The Byrdman of 1728 was the equivalent of our illustrious Bill Clinton where morals were concerned… so he probably had his eyes on Thornton’s wife also when his survey party did their gig.

        Looks like he stayed in the area until 1746…

        Abstracts of Deeds Northampton County, N.C., Margaret M. Hoffman, 1968.

        pg. 258 THOMAS THORNTON of Northampton Co. to CHAPLIN WILLIAMS of Isle of Wight Co., Va. 9 Mar. 1746 50 pounds Va. currency 230 acres on the north side of Maherrin river, joining the old co. line and the river, all houses, orchards, gardens etc. a tract of land granted to WILLIAM BENNETT 1 Mar. 1739 Wit: JOHN PITMAN, ARTHUR PITMAN, DANIEL BENSTEN, THOMAS (???) Reg. Northampton Co. May Ct. 1746 Robert Forster C. Ct.

        Have you scoured the Southampton records?

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        September 8, 2021 at 2:58 pm

      • 1724, seems a Thomas Thornton bought the patent of William Bennet in 1724. Do you have a clue on his wife?
        You have just introduced me to this 1724 Thomas so no, I do not have a clue on the wife, but have started (hours ago) to try and organize sorted bits of horded information and research the new material you have most generously provided. If you have no objections, I will email you with what I find (I saw you posted your address). If you think any of the material is worthwhile, I can always tidy it up and post it.

        Southampton records will be revisited as will the Brantley link.

        You have been my can of V8!
        Example of our quest: Mary is wife of Carolus, and your theory, Mary is a Stickland. Thomas Thornton (Quaker, Cane Creek Mtgs, circa 1751) is held (viciously by some) to have married Martha Boykin, daughter of Thomas Boykin the son of Edward Boykin. (see Forrest D. King, pg. 244). And Boykins other daughter married a Strickland (see King). All appear to originate from IOW.

        Byrdmans eyes on Thornton’s wife, HA!



        September 8, 2021 at 10:23 pm

  3. In case you find any of this applicable, as found in The Colonial Records of NC, (at, The Colonial records of North Carolina published … by order of the General Assembly, Vol. 1-26.

    • 1705, Petition from Joseph BOONE, Abuses towards himself and Inhabitants of the Province of Carolinas. Vol. 1, Pg. 635.

    • 1704?, “Mr. Boon, the present Agent for the Oppress’d People.” Vol. 2, pg. 920.

    • 1716, Petition of James BOON, 575 ac in Chowan patented to Tho Sessims, 4 Nov 1707, “is Lapsd for want of being seated indue time…pray that the same may be granted him.” Vol. 2, Pg. 227.

    • 1743, applied for Warrants for Land, Mich (typo?) BOON 300 N° Hampton. Vol. 4, pg. 643.

    • 1744, petition for patent, Nicholas BOON 300 N. Hanover. pg. 709, Vol. 4.

    • 25 Feb 1739 [1740] Bertie Edgecomb List of Juryman: Vol. 4.
    Wm BOON, pg. 522;
    Will KINCHEN and NICH° BOON, pg. 524.
    (also pg. 524, Jno Borden, Edw Boiakin [Boykin?],Francis Bayakin [Boykin?], Thos Thaunton [Thornton], Wm Borden).

    • 1745?, Petitions for Patents:
    SUSANNAH ANDERSON 200 D°, CAROLUS ANDERSON 200 D° (Dobbs?). Vol. 4, Pg. 766.



    September 8, 2021 at 2:32 pm

    • That Joseph Boone sounds like a basket case… since he was literate, i am confident he did not associate himself with the Meherrin River bunch I am tracking… so also for the James Boon of Chowan River (associated with Sessoms) … that James however, did not appear to be a zealot. A bureaucratic stooge yes, but not a zealot. I do hope the Oppress’d Peeps survived their hardships and tribulations.



      September 8, 2021 at 3:12 pm

  4. Hmmm… I had not considered that Carolus’s wife Mary may have been a Strickland… that is intriguing…

    I am not familiar with the Forrest King info you reference… do you have a link? And feel free to email me.



    September 9, 2021 at 12:58 am

    • Correction to my boo-boo (error-wife of Carolus is a Stickland).
      I should have written, Thomas Boon of VA m. daughter of Mathew Strickland (and is the one that settled next to Carolus Anderson) and “think, can’t prove” Carolus m. a Boon (possible Mary “Boon”).

      You know Forrest King, Descendants of Mathew Strickland (1648-1696) Through Four Generations by Forest D. King, CG; North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, May 2008.
      It begins with the yellow colored legal paper and hand written notes.



      September 9, 2021 at 8:04 am

      • Got it… be careful, my cage is rattled easily with any hint of a clue for ole Carolus (smiling)



        September 9, 2021 at 8:28 am

      • I shall tip-toe thru the tulips, forevermore.



        September 11, 2021 at 8:28 am

  5. I added an aside to your Post above… concerning a Thornton lead… maybe

    Liked by 1 person


    September 13, 2021 at 7:58 am

    • “still working notes…gathering my thoughts…” ME TOO!
      Have you read your blog from beginning to end recently? Feeling the need to capture over-looked material, knowing a bit more today than yesterday, I had the idea to start reading your writing from the start and outline and compose a timeline: a clear view of where everyone was and who was doing what with whom.

      {four days later} As usual, I did not think this clearly through before embarking on the yellow brick road of Andersonville (smiling).

      Katherine Bathe of IOW, Whitehead, Strickland. Oh yes. I’ve been acquainted with them for a number of years.
      Real briefly;
      • 1664, Katherine Thornton gives deposition to the court, regarding William Ruffin.
      • 1670, William Ruffin gives land to Katherine Thornton.
      • 1673, Arthur Whitehead gifts to Rebecka (Thornton, daughter of Katherine) Horsefield.
      • Katherine (formally Thornton) Bathe dies before Oct. 10, 1687.



      September 13, 2021 at 11:39 am

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