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I’m still working the area of Maherrin River in NC and where it extends to the Chowan River. This Post is primarily in response to some comments posted by Stephen. I will put some asterisks on the map and add some comments or additional info.

As usual… click the blue filename above for the best image.

Firstly… the blue asterisk is where I think the John Browne (missing) patent of 1706 is located… roughly. It is still up in the air where it was.

The John Cheser patent has been added between Braswell and Dew (this is getting to be very accurate).

The Beal Brown patent has been added… (thanks Stephen, I missed that one).

The Powers patent has been confusing on several levels… I will add a file for those interested.

Lastly note the 3 William Maule patents dated 1714… they just seem to get lost in the mix… my guess is that they simply never came to fruition. Your guess is as good as mine where they may have been intended… it was this area though (I am pretty sure). Perhaps some historian will look into whether William Little and William Maule were stepping on each other’s corrupt toes?

The Edward Powers file… this land was conveyed several times between Powers, Bonde and Little… the area where it is located was actually on Meherrin Indian land (in my opinion).

Below is a study concerning another piece of the puzzle of the William Browne (missing) patent of 1706. I do not know where the “Dividing Run” is… as first referenced in the Matthew Russian deed.

Perhaps it is the “second branch” as referenced in this deed to John Bryant… which begs the question “the second branch of the “Run”… where is the Run? I have this tentatively placed at a creek which runs up to the Virginia Line… and it “seems” to have a second branch at the tip of Russian’s deed.

Another clue would be nice… this is agonizingly close… Or mayhaps I am missing something obvious.

To any budding detectives who want to join in the fun…I have a search button half way down the right side of the page… I have to use it often myself… it is the only way I can find anything.


An aside concerning Beale Browne, Edward Powers, et al…

At a Council held at the Council Chamber in Edenton the 3d day of August Anno Dom 1726

Read the Petition of the Meherron Indians Complaining against divers of the Inhabitants of this Government for molesting them in their settlements and taking up their Lands And at the same time was Read also the Petition of Beal Browne Edwd Powers in behalf of themselves and others living near the said Indians for molesting them

Ordered That the Parties on each side Do attend this Board at their Sitting in October next And that in the mean time Neither of the sd Parties give one another any Disturbance in their Settlements.


August the 26 1726. This Council met again ut supra Mr Chief Justice laying before this Board a Copy of the Judgement against George Senecca an Indian for Murthering an English Woman and her Two Children in hac Verba Vizt

North Carolina—ss.

At a Special Court of Oyer and Terminer held at the Court house in Edenton on Thursday the 25th day of August An Dom 1726, A Bill of Indictment was found by the Grand Jury against George Senecca an Indian Man of Bertie Precinct for having feloniously Murthered Catherine Groom Wife of Thomas Groom of Bertie precinct aforesd planter and Two Infants Children Daughter of the said Thomas and Catherine who upon his Arraignment Pleaded Guilty and he was thereupon sentance to be hanged

Given under my hand this 26th day of August 1726



Editorially speaking… I find it a reoccurring tactic of, lets say, Colonists vs Indians, that it often happened that an account of murder or other horrendous acts were commonly brought up in conjunction to a squabble about, oh, I don’t know…”Land Rights” lets say. That is not to imply that I think there was a conspiracy against the Indians… it is to verify it. MA

Just out of curiosity… I may have to try to “map” where one Thomas Groom lived at the time of this Land Dispute… 1726. I have not ran across him so far in my mapping…

For the curious…

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May 10, 2023 at 4:34 am

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  1. Nice!!! It’s not how I envisioned things in my mind and shows how important your maps are.

    Having contemplated a little more on Philip Brown, I would like to downgrade my speculation on him as possibly being a son of John Brown Sr., but still believe he is part of the Brown clan of our interest. I am getting the hunch that Beale, Philip, Richard and Frances were sons of William Brown with his first wife Sarah and just not named in his will.

    With your new map, this record for Francis has me intrigued:

    C,280 SARAH BRIDGERS TO ABRAHAM BAGGET ‘ – ;~; ­ August 11, 1730. 10 pds. for 150 A; On NSMeherrin River. Part of tract surveyed for William Brown. Wit: William Bryant, Francis Brown. August Court 1730. Thomas Hansford D.C/C.

    I would say that he was witnessing for land of the 1706 patent. Another thing that intrigues me is from his will. This was taken from Sally’s place:

    Will of Francis Brown, the elder written 7 Nov 1748 – proved May Ct 1750
    Son Francis Brown – plantation which I purchased of Daniel Brown, to be divided from where I now dwell.
    Son William Brown – 160 acres adj the mouth of the Plumbtree Branch adj. John Wynn, Flatt Swamp.
    Son John Brown – all my land on Cyprus Swamp estimated at 440 acres.
    I have already given gifts to my daughters Anne, Mary, Sarah, Jane, and Elizabeth.
    Remaining estate to my youngest son Benjamin Brown, reserving its use and possession for my wife Jane during her widowhood.
    Ex. friend John Wynns
    Wit: Isaac Hill, Dan’l VanPelt, George [x] Rives
    Probate indicates Francis Brown, Junr qualified as exr.

    I see 440 acres on Cyprus swamp devised to son John. There may be several Cypress swamps, but Occoneechee comes to mind. I don’t have accounts of how Francis acquired all the land devised in his will and having looked some into the Browns, mysterious land records are not surprising. William Brown devised land to all his children in his will, Beale was provided for, and wonder if Richard, Francis and Philip were provided for in some way unknown to us.

    In the previous comment about Philip Brown, Samuel Woodward was noted in Philip’s first land acquisitions and that Samuel appeared to play the headrights game. I have come across Samuel before in “mysterious” land deals and he seemed to be a middle man of some sorts dealing with “assignments of patent within” (I know you have commented on assignment). Here is an example of some land I tried to trace:

    Chowan; 1730, Jul 17
    17 July 1730 Chowan Prec. Robert Riddick to Thos. Holliday 250 a bought of Luke White by John Jenkins came into possession of Robert Reddick, father of Robert.
    Test: Robt Hicks, John Halsey, Chas. Cornwall

    pg. 9 Samuel Woodward to Robert Riddick 18 Apr 1720 Assignment of this within mentioned writing Wit.: John Thomas Reg. Chowan prect. 3rd Tuesday in Apr. 1720 Thomas Henman, Clerk

    p. 614 Luke White of Chowan Prect. to John Williams (residence not given) 15 July 1718 25 (?currency) 250 acres on Chowan river, between where the sd. Luke now lives and where Thomas Crank now lives Wit.: William Crawford, John Jackson “I, John Williams do assign ye within mentioned writing unto Samuel Woodward this 13 8ber 1718” Wit.: John Smith, Robert Hicks Reg. 11 Nov, 1718

    The records may not all pertain to the same tract of land, but was the best I could come up with. Now note the Philip Brown deeds where the first one that no money was noted a being exchanged between Samuel Woodward and Philip (who paid for it?):

    Chowan #705 pg. 113 Samuel Woodward to Philip Brown date (not given) Assignment of a Patent for 375 acres purchased of Robert Evans Wit.: Robert Holbrook, William Wade Reg. 10 Sept. 1715 (1723 patent of Robert Evans was near the Petty Shore patent of John Brown)

    Chowan #706 pg. 113 Samuel Woodward of Chowan Prect., Planter to Philip Brown of the afrsd. Prect. 19 July 1715 7L good and lawful Money of N. C. 139 acres on ye west side of Chowan river and is the remainins part of the land John Wills bought of Samuel Woodward containing 275 acres I bind myself in the Penal sum of 14L Wit.: Rt. Holbrook, William Wade Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

    A few more things that I can report; is that William Braswell who was witness to a Philip Brown deed was William Braswell a nephew of Martha Braswell wife of William Brown. With my Smith investigations, I can connect Francis and Richard Brown to dealing with Richard Smith (d. 1713 Surry) daughter Elizabeth Boon:

    March 7, 1722/23. 45 lbs. for 900 A. SS Chowan adj. John Gray, John Beverly,
    John Holmes, Elm Swamp, Richard Barfield. Wit: William Maule,
    Francis Brown, Richard Brown. May Court 1723. John Sutton D. C/C.



    May 10, 2023 at 12:48 pm

    • Addendum:

      This helps explain which Cypress swamp (near Chinkapin) is referenced above:

      January 10, 1726: JOHN BRYAN (BRYANT) to FRAN(CIS) BROWN 200 acres – 16 £ – In ST. JOHN’S NECK on ye CYPRESS SWAMP, adjoining HENRY RHODES. Wit: LAWRANCE MAGUE ISAAC KIF (KEEFE) by Power of Attorney from JOHN BRYAN acknowledged within deed of sale. (Bertie County, N. C. Deed Book B, p. 239)

      Now plumbtree branch… Sigh….(wishing I had a few more abstract books)



      May 10, 2023 at 2:17 pm

      • The Sarah Bridgers to Abraham Bagget deed above was the same land as Matt Russian sold to her husband in 1718… no help, unfortunately… had me excited for a bit… I shall drown my sorrows in a cocktail now.



        May 10, 2023 at 3:38 pm

  2. Hopefully this will cheer you up.

    This patent appears to only fit in the upper most left hand corner as it’s first leg
    has to extend from the Meherrin to the County line. It also appears to me that it will fill up the dry land west of Mathew Russians boundary on the gut. Try it, you might like it?

    Chowan # 2949 pg. 183 Sarah Davis 1 Mar 1719/20 235 acres in Chowan precinct on ye N. side of Maherrin River, joining ye Country line, ye Cypress Gut, and ye River Witnesses: Cha. Eden, Thos, Pollock, Fre. Jones, Richd. Sanderson, John Hecklefield

    begin at a holly on ye river side running N 45 E 90 to a white oak in ye county line, along ye county line E 150 another tree of ye county line, S 25 E 200 pole to a cypress on ye cypress gut and ye meanders of ye gut & Meherrin to ye first station.



    May 10, 2023 at 11:02 pm

  3. Patent, Nicholas Boon 6 May 1742 281 acres (genealogy gremlins scrubbed the river’s name in this record)
    Patent Barnaby Bryant 25 Mar 1743 50 acres

    Book Page 21, Page 101.
    Nicholas Baggett, planter, to Joseph Jordan, both of Northampton County, NC, 5 January 1743, for £32 Virginia currency, 160 acres, more or less, joining James Bryant, which land was granted by patent to Nicholas Boon on 2 August 1727. Witness: Nicholas Baggett, Jr.

    1743 – February 7, Barnabe Bryant of Northampton to Abraham Bagget of same, 100 acres for 18 pounds, part of a tract granted to Barnaby Bryant 22 Mar 1743, adjacent Bryant’s swamp, Maherin River, Brigers, mouth of Rushing Branch Wit: Nicholas Boon, James Boon Reg. Northampton Co. Feb Ct. 1743 J. Edwards C. Ct. (Northampton Co., NC Pg 111)

    Page 66, Book Page 407.
    Abraham Baggett of Northampton County to Abraham Baggett, Jr. of Northampton County, 3 November 1749, for £20 current money of Virginia, 75 acres, more or less, joining Ruskins Branch, Samuel Bridgers, other lands of Abraham Baggett, Nicholas Boon and Bartholomew Figures, and is the plantation whereon the said Abraham Baggett, Jr. now lives. Witnesses unknown.
    Page 71, Book Page 449.

    William Bridgers of Northampton County to Abraham Baggett of same, 18 October 1750, £20 current money of Virginia for 150 acres on the north side of Meherrin River, beginning at the dividing run on the river, it being the same 100 acres (150 acres) my mother Sarah Cotton let the said Baggett have a deed for in August 1730. Witnesses included Abraham Baggett, Jr.
    Page 73, Book Page 462.

    Abraham Baggett and Abraham Baggett, Jr. of Northampton County, planters, 23 January 1750, are held and firmly bound onto Newit Drew of Southampton County, VA in the sum of £250 current money of Virginia, a mortgage on 250 acres on the north side of the Meherrin River. Witnesses unknown.
    Page 73, Book Page 463.

    Abraham Baggett and Abraham Baggett, Jr. of Northampton County to Newit Drew of Southampton County, VA, 23 January 1750, £102 and 10 shillings current money of Virginia, 250 acres on the north side of the Meherrin River, 150 acres of which is part of a patent to William Brown on 29 November 1706, and the other 100 acres is part of a patent to Barnaby Bryant on 22 March 1742, joining Bryant’s Swamp, Meherrin River, Bridgers, and the mouth of Rushing Branch. Witness: Robert Warren, Thomas Lile, and James Washington.

    James Bryant’s land:

    March 14, 1708: RICHARD BRASSWELL to JAMES BRYANT, Sr. (both of Isle of Wight County, Va.) for 4,000 pounds of tobacco assign my right, title & interest in the within mentioned patent. Wit: JAMES BRYANT Sr. (X), (sic) JOHN DEW (Chowan County, N. C. Deed Book W #1, p. 187)

    May 20, 1740: WILLIAM BRYANT & wife of Edgecombe County, N. C. to THOMAS UZELL of Nansemond County, Va., £1000 for a certain plantation plus 100 a. of land on NORTH side of MEHERRIN RIVER being plantation whereon JAMES BRYANT formerly lived and and of the patent granted to RICHARD BRASSWELL and also one hundred (100) acres of land bought of JOHN DEW by deed bearing date July 25 1730. Wit: JAMES UZZELL, THOMAS WHITFIELD, W. BAKER, August Court 1740. (Bertie County, N. C. Deed Book F, p. 133)

    May 20, 1740: WILLIAM BRYANT of Edgecombe County, N. C. to THOMAS UZZELL of Nansemond County, Va. – for £25 320 a. – Land whereon JAMES BRYANT, deceased, formerly lived. Patent granted to RICHARD BRASSWELL for 640 a. dated November 24, 1706 … which patent being endorsed to JAMES BRYANT, SEN. the 4 day of March 1708 and recorded in Chowan County. Adjoining JOHN DUKES, Being the same 300 acres of land given JAMES BRYANT by his father JAMES BRYANT DECEASED & also one hundred acres I bought of JOHN DEW dated July 25, 1730. Land adjoining JOHN DEW, WILLIAM BRYANT, BRITT’S corner. Wit: THOMAS WHITFIELD, W. BAKER August Court 1740 (Bertie County, N. C. Deed Book F, p. 136)


    William Brown

    May 11, 2023 at 6:13 am

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