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John Brantley 1722 … 2 land deals

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This is Southampton County, VA… it was still considered Isle of Wight at this time. I am very confident of the placement of these patents. One title trail was found in the Isle of Wight books… the other was in the Southampton records. I have no way of knowing how much of Pearson’s Millpond has been altered over the years but this is pretty much on the money.

The original (new land) deed owners were William Kenney and Henry Powers. That is where Brantley obtained them.

The nitty-gritty detective work is in the below documents:

In 1739 John Brantley obtained a 3rd patent nearer to Emporia, VA for 350 acres… I have not determined how or when he disposed of it but it was a patent and not a “purchased” deed.

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